Tutorial: Velcro Rollers (clean hair)!

Hi Beauties! It is no suprise if you follow me on social media that I am completely OBSESSED with velcro rollers. Dont’ believe me? Try them!! TRY THEM! Now I’m yelling. My son always says I yell, in which I respond, No I don’t! I just talk loud! True story.

Watch my long winded, please give me some grace, it’s my first video tutorial EVER! I’ve had so many people ask me to do one, so here we go!  how I use velcro rollers on freshly washed hair.


Steps listed below in case you missed it! Please note, this is mow “how to” on clean hair. I will post another video on dirty hair and velcro rollers later in the week.


  1. Dry hair almost all the way dry. Yes like you think your hair is dry.
  2. Go back through hair in sections with flat iron, round brush, curling iron, thingie I used in video
  3. When you get to the side of your hair by your ear, start sectioning off and eye-ball measuring how much hair will fit on your size roller. Take roller size section and heat up at root, closest to scalp. Let heat sit on for a few seconds, take off hear, and carefully (don’t burn yourself) roll your hair in the velcro roller. You can use hair spray either before the heat or after you take roller out.
  4. Clip in roller with clip (shown in video) or bobby pin on your scalp. Drag it across your scalp to ensure that it is in tight and won’t move.
  5. Repeat until you have all rollers in!
  6. Leave the rollers in as long as you can! Minimum 15 minutes. Maximum-I’ve left them in for over 2 hours, cuz that’s how I roll! Go put on your makeup, go clean the house, go run errands I dare ya!

Hope this helped you!!



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