Kicking butt and Pushing forward



I like to write on how I struggle, why? because we all struggle and I want you to know that you aren’t alone. I know how I appear to others. I know that I come off confident and secure, AND  guess what? I am! I love myself enough to say that I love myself. I am in a relationship with myself. Which just sounds vain and stupid, but I know the truth. Self-love and acceptance is completely necessary in order for me to love others. You have to love yourself to love others. And you have to heal yourself before you can help heal others.

Even in the time period where I didn’t like who I was, and honestly didn’t like anything about me, I still came off confident and secure. I know this because so many people would say that to me. My favorite comment I have ever received is…I bet you were the prom queen. HA! That made me laugh because in actuality I was an ugly duckling, who had a big fat chip on her shoulder. I could cut you with my eyes, and light a cigarette blindfolded. I was the girl that smartly told you where to go.

It is really easy to hide who you really are from the world around you. It is easy to fake it, and it is to say ya, I’m ok when others ask you when you know very well that you-are-not-ok. It takes courage and guts to say “Let’s be real here!, I’m struggling.”

Being genuine with yourself and others will always lead you to freedom. Freedom from caring what others think, and freedom to make necessary changes. You have power to make changes. DO YOU HEAR ME? YOU HAVE POWER TO MAKE CHANGES! That’s my shouting voice. Because, you know what? I want to shout to the roof tops that life sucks. It blows BIG TIME! I struggle, you struggle, we all can struggle together but there is ALWAYS hope in making small changes to get the life you always wanted. No matter what obstacle stands in your way!

I want to offer hope for change. I want to encourage change for the long haul, and I want people to see my heart…that yes there are days that I too, struggle but then there are days were I am kicking butt! You, my love, are going to kick butt too.




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