How to get back on track with Nutrition

Permission to Fail OFTEN gives you permission to launch!

Last weekend was Easter, and I find that I give myself permission to eat WHATEVER my little heart desires on holidays.  Like calories don’t count or something. It’s not often that I throw my unspoken food rules out the window but lately I have been really struggling with over-eating, eating when I’m not hungry and devouring ice cream every night. People! Ice cream is NOT even my happy place. Give me a piece of pie, give me a cupcake, for goodness sake give me some twizzlers, but Ice cream? I don’t even really like it!! What does that tell me? I’m eating just for the sake of eating. And I know FULL WELL where that leads…

It leads to tighter pants, and doing lunges in my room to loosen those tight pants. It means muffin tops, and feeling bloated. It means that I don’t FEEL GOOD and I’m beating myself up daily because I know better. Repeatedly making poor eating choices leads me down a path that I know I don’t want to be on. It honestly causes me a lot of stress, and I don’t need any extra stress. Especially from a situation I am in full control to change.

Continually making small mistakes just leads to more and more small mistakes. I know that those small mistakes really add up over the long haul, and sometimes it feels impossible to STOP THE CRAZY CYCLE. Late last week I recgnized what I was doing with food. I’m pretty sure on a subconscious level, I gave myself permission to fail on Easter, so that I can then give myself permission to launch and restart on my health and wellness journey. I needed the reality check of what it feels like to fail so that I can motivate myself to make some major changes.

So on Easter Sunday after pretty much binge eating all day, in which I ended the night with 5, yes FIVE chocolate chip cookies (I did justify it in my head that they were gluten free and therefore didn’t count) I decided that enough was enough.  I need to make a plan, and get back on track. I need accountability. I need a plan. I needed to give myself permission to re-launch, and remind myself that a do-over is a fresh start. And I told myself that, YES I am cabable of change.

With fresh cookie crumbs still on my shirt, and pants unbuttoned, I grabbed my blank monthly calendar and made a 21 day plan for success. I began with some goals, that can be measured. Here’s my list of goals for the next 21 days.

  1. No eating past 8pm PERIOD. I’m not hungry past dinner, and I know full well that all the eating I am doing after the kids go to be is emotional.
  2. A minimum of 80 ounces of water daily.
  3. Measure each day’s food portions
  4. Workout minimum 5 days per week (3 at home with Beach body, 2 at the gym)
  5. Take “before” measurements
  6. No added sugar
  7. Write down food log
  8. Log in to my Beach Body accountabilty group daily
  9. Drink Shakeology daily (my protein shake meal replacement) Gives me a crazy amount of energy

Sometimes we just really need to mess up to motivate us to make some MAJOR CHANGES. And guess what? I’m only on day 2, and I’ve already messed up!! No joke! I had refined sugar today in the form of twizzlers that I shoved down my throat when James and I went and saw Beauty and the Beast in the theater. We NEVER go to the movies, but found a gift card and decided to go. He handed some over to me, and without thinking I gobbled them down and 30 seconds realized what I had done!

So back on track tomorrow! I will accomplish what I set out to do! Failure isn’t an option. You mess up, and get right back on track! And you can too!! Make your own set of goals. It’s not about being skinny. It’s about feeling your best! At the end of these 21 days, I will post a before and after picture, along with my measurements. Feel free to email me if you ever need help with health or nutrition. I LOVE helping women get to where they want to be with health and nutrition.A healthy you is the best gift you can give yourself!





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