Best of Hair Products

There are so many hair products out there, literally thousands of them. It can be overwhelming. *SIGH* I like it when things are simple 🙂

But with new products hitting the shelves daily, I find myself always going back to the basics. These products are the real deal and will not fail you (when used properly.)

 The problem with thin and fine hair: Falls flat, doesn’t have movement, looks thinner on the ends,  No texture.

Solution- bump  it up, amplify the root, and hold, hold, hold. Create Texture. My two favorite products for thinner, finer hair is Aquage’s Uplifting Foam, and Kenra’s Volume Spray #25. Apply the foam on scalp of wet hair, don’t skimp here…apply every .5-1 inch on scalp. Dry hair and style and use Kenra’s #25 for extra lift and super hold. This is a great hairspray for getting bangs to cooperate.



The problem with medium (not fine, not coarse, somewhere in the middle) hair texture: needs some lift, and could use more moisture on the ends.  

Solution- bump it up, and moisturize those dead ends and use a working spray. My two favorite products are It’s a 10 leave in treatment, and Living Proof’s Flex Shaping Hairspray. It’s a 10 is great because it adds moisture, repairs dry damaged hair and adds shine. It is not super heavy, but is a more rich and dense than a normal, every day conditioner. It has a spray nozzle, so you can use it on top of your regular conditioner. Living Proof’s flex shaping hairspray is great because it is work-able. You can spray and continue styling. I like to use it at the roots and tease to have my “lift” hold longer. Also using the Aquage Uplifting Foam would work great too.



The problem with coarse and thick hair: Mositure, moisture, smooth, smooth. No extra texture needed here. Over all, hair can look out of control and messy.

Solution-needs extra moisture all around to help smooth out the wiry pieces. Tends to be harder to deal with, and more time consuming because of the massive amount. Not washing your hair every day is highly recommended.  S Factor’s “Serious” Conditioner is amazingly effective. Since I fall into this category, I use this conditioner everytime I wash my hair. Normal conditioners are just not enough moisture for me. Also on damp hair use Moroccan Oil.  Now oil is oil, so use sparingly to not look like a washed poodle. I recommend avoiding your scalp area and starting with it mid-way down the hair shaft and concentrating it on the ends.  To really seal in the products, style with heat.


Now alot of hair textures and types can fall easily into 2 different categories, so maybe combining some of the products would be ideal for you. Play around with them. Hate one? try a different one. All of these products I have personal used and recommended for various clients. Find what works for you. 🙂

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